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  • Q: I am using the Zabbix datasource and the only option in the query selection dropdown is "wide"?

    • In the Zabbix datasource settings, please try turning off the "data alignment" property, you may also get this to work for a specific query by disabling data alignment under the query's "Options" section. Taken from Issue #28.
  • Q: I am using the Zabbix datasource and can only select one of my queries (but it is labeled properly)?

    • Try selecting multiple Zabbix "Items" through one Grafana query by using Regex in the "Item" area of the query editor. Taken from Issue #38.
  • Q: I am unable to select one of my data queries, even though it shows up in the query selection dropdown. What's happening?

  • Q: Can I upload an image as a background? Will this be added as a feature?

    • Yes you can now! For node icons as well. You simple have to host the image somewhere and can insert the URL into the image box under the panel customization.
  • Q: Plugin is throwing toReturn.source is undefined?

    • Just reload or force reload the page. I have yet to properly track down this bug, but rest assured it seems to only occur directly after saving and applying your changes and can be easily fixed.

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